Google Doodles for the Win

Last night at Pub Quiz I left the Flying Monkeys to their own devices and joined We All Have Sleeves (aka the leper colony, minus one of the key lepers, who seemed to be home sick ... perhaps from not wearing sleeves during this string of somewhat balmy days we've been enjoying).

I feel a little nervous sometimes when I sit in with them, afraid that I'm going to drag their average down and make them lose. However, we came in first and had the joy of  (a) beating Team 11 (which technically was missing some of its regular members, but who cares) and (b) splitting $165 among the seven of us — although given the modest entry fee and my bar tab, I only actually made $1 for contributing such shiny nuggets of random knowledge as "The Charlotte Bobcats have the worst record in the NBA right now" and "Patrice O'Neal is not Irish; he is dead" and "Eddie Van Halen formed the band Mammoth in 1972 with his brother Alex."

During the picture round, I also correctly identified several of the people whose birthdays were commemorated with Google doodles, including this one for Freddie Mercury.

I couldn't remember the name of the guy who drew those goofy Mr. Men/Little Miss characters, though. I never read those books as a kid, but I vaguely remembered that they existed. If you're a fan, apparently there were more than a dozen different illustrations: Google Doodle Honors 76th Birthday of 'Mr. Men' Author Roger Hargreaves

Other items of note:

  •  Besides the "Irish or Dead?" round, the "1990s One-Hit-Wonder Audio Round" was pretty fun, if only because Mike D had a question about the Macarena but didn't dare play a clip. We didn't get as lucky with Mambo No. 5.
  • It was probably the first month that the leper colony had ever scored as many points (8) in the sports round as in the world history round.
  • There weren't a lot of snarky answers, but the team did get a bonus point when Kevin (aka Beardy) suggested "Labradoodle" as the only domestic animal not mentioned in the Bible. Then Mike D cracked us up by intoning, "A letter from Paul to the Labradoodles . . ."   

I'll leave you with the following commercial, which was a big hit during the video round and is too hi-larious not to share . . . I believe it falls into the category of "It's Funny Because It's True."


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