Don't Call Me, I Won't Call You

Seriously! I cancelled my land line a while back and haven't missed it one bit. I'm still rockin' a lame-o flip phone because I hardly ever call anybody, and vice versa. In fact,  I prefer e-mails and, to a lesser extent, texts, despite Jay Leno's oft-expressed amazement that anybody would rather send messages back and forth instead of speaking to someone directly.

In other news: We went from heroes to zeroes at trivia night on Monday. Somehow we were in first place before the final question, but we bet it all on an admittedly shaky guess in response to the question "On Friends, what was the name of Joey's sister that Chandler fooled around with?" We were in the ball park (ok, in the parking lot adjacent to the ball park) because we thought that there were two parts to it and that it was some ultra-Catholic type of name, but went with Donna Josephine instead of Mary Angela. Doh!

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