Stumbling Ahead instead of Springing Forward

So, yeah: The time change kicked my ass.

Well, the MAC tournament helped. I was out ultra-late on Thursday and Friday nights for the games, then up early on Friday and Saturday mornings for work and an OU event. I drank a lot during the day on Saturday,* stayed to watch the OU players cut down the nets at the Q after winning the championship, and thought for a moment about going back to the OU party at the Barley House. However, I  quickly decided to quit while I was ahead and head home to bed.

On Sunday I made the mistake of taking a nap pretty late in the afternoon, so then I was up super-late again because I wasn't tired until about 2 or 3 a.m. Doh! Fast-forward to consuming half a pot of coffee this morning. Thank goodness certain people weren't in the office today and it was quite peaceful and low-key.

In conclusion, I am totally on board with the suggestion I saw in some people's Facebook status this morning about taking off the day after a time change.

* Let's see, there was a Junction Punch, then a Black Widow, then another Junction Punch, plus three Fatty Nattys (!) and two Labatts . . . oh, and a shot of Jameson that I was peer-pressured into, ha ha. Good times.

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