Bank Error in My Favor


On Tuesday I received a check from the IRS for a suspiciously large amount. Ok, not, like, several grand or anything, but still: It was for more than half of what I thought I owed them in April.

I held off on depositing it since it came with an ominous note stating that if I spent it and it turned out I really did owe the couple hundred, I would have to pay it back with interest. The note also claimed that additional documentation/clarification would be arriving by mail soon, so I sat tight until a letter arrived yesterday. It explained that the IRS decided that I qualified for a Making Work Pay tax credit, and thus had overpaid in April; hence the refund check.

Next step: Deciding what to spend it on. I mean, there's the obvious, like, oh, I don't know, paying off the credit card balance, but that's boring — that's stuff I already own.

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