I Totally Want This: Hipsta Case

Yeah, so, telling the universe on Friday that I have some extra coin in my pocket resulted in my iPod dying on Saturday afternoon.

The staff at the Apple store quickly agreed with my diagnosis of dead, never to be resurrected, and pointed out that I could trade it in on a new one.

I'd be saving the cost of the sales tax, essentially, but I'd be getting one with a fancy display and two cameras and a microphone and blah blah blah: Long story short, it wasn't hard to twist my arm into upgrading. Especially since I spent most of Sunday/Monday exploring my iPod Touch-less options: Lug my iPad everywhere (technically possible, but not always preferable) or get an iPhone (would cut down on the number of gadgets I haul around, but would cost — at a minimum — $30 a month more than what I'm paying now for phone service). (I hardly talk/text at all; I'm still all about the e-mail, because I'm old.)

Anyhow: After demonstrating poor impulse control at the beginning, I did manage to talk myself out of getting  this adorably retro Hipsta Case  . . .

. . . but not before taking it off the shelf and fondling it for several minutes. Twice.

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