Book Report: Volume 17

Last week I tried listening to China Lake, but I couldn't stand the premise and had to give it up after the first disc. The plot involves some kind of wackjob cult, and the descriptions of all the nutty things they believe were depressing me. I mean, it was bad enough that I was listening to it on the way to and from work; I didn't need anything else to bum me out.

So, going in the opposite direction, I selected Dave Barry's I'll Mature When I'm Dead, which is hi-larious and awesome. My dad and I are fans of him anyway; my mom thinks he's dumb. I'm going to assume that my sister agrees with my mom, because that's usually how these pop culture things go in our family. 

After I finish the Barry book, I have Al Roker's Morning Show Murders, which I believe is read by Roker. (The Barry book is read by Barry — which is another point in its favor.) Then I've got the audio version of one of my childhood favorites, The Great Brain. I wish that the other books in the Great Brain series were on CD, but if they are, the Cuyahoga county system doesn't have them. Bummer.

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