Peaking Early

I was just telling the person in the next cube that I think I've already shot my wad today in terms of energy I can devote to concentrating on actual work. 

I was done for the day around 9:54 this morning, after roughly forty-five minutes of productivity. That's probably above average for me lately — I seem to spend more time planning/organizing what everyone else is doing and addressing "workflow issues" [Barf!] and setting up schedules/deadlines than I do actually proofing anything. Which is okay, I guess, since it's pretty much Grand Central Station around here and thus impossible to concentrate.

In other news: I'm still wait-listed for my iPad. On the plus side, I definitely made enough in OT the last few weeks to cover the gizmo plus any extra cords, carrying cases, protective screen covers, or other accessories I decide I must have from the Apple store. So, you know, I got that going for me, which is nice.

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