Telephone Conversation

I'm on the e-mail list for the Indiana University Press, which is apparently having a summer sale. I thought I'd browse around and see what was on clearance, and thus came across this gem:

I mean: First of all, awesome cover. Then I read the table of contents and introduction via the Google Books preview and could not stop laughing at chapter titles like "How Do I Know When It's My Turn?" and statements in the introduction like "I hope you enjoy reading my long-distance call to you" and "Every sentence in this book has been simmered in the soup of class discussion."  

I decided I had to have my own copy, but since the shipping costs would effectively double the purchase price, once I discovered that I could get it via interlibrary loan — Would you believe that ten college libraries in Ohio own this book?! — I abandoned my shopping cart in the middle of the store and came over here to continue mocking. Further mockage as events warrant.

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