Lindsey Lohan's Cell Mates

Since Christine wasn't going to make it, Cathy and I joined forces with Mike D's parents and their friends on Wednesday night to create what we hoped would be a superteam capable of changing the Pub Quiz status quo (namely, toppling the hated Team 11). Sadly, we came in ninth and they came in first, so that hopey-changey thing didn't really work out for us.

The Lohan team name was Mike D's mom's idea, and we ran with it, since I was too consumed by the day job to think up any alternatives in advance. (I did remove my nose from the grindstone long enough to look up the answer to this month's secret question, however.) There were some amusing monikers in the crowd, including something along the lines of We Didn't Know It Was Legal for Mike D to Get Married in the State of Ohio. I can't be sure of the exact phrasing since I stayed late at work and then went right to the bar without stopping at home to pick up an appropriate notebook.

The  A, B, or C? category that is the bane of true trivia fans everywhere — since, it was pointed out to me, it rewards guessing over knowledge — reared its misbegotten head in the first round: Facebook Group, Afterschool Special, or Miley Cyrus Song? You'd be surprised how many Afterschool Specials sound like Facebook Groups, and vice versa. (Although, I agree with Cathy: I kind of do want to watch Bonnie Raitt Has Something to Talk About. Sadly, I cannot locate any snippets online, so you'll have to make do with this review from the New York Times and imagine what could have been.)

We managed to get a perfect score on the video round (the first time that's ever happened to a team I've been on) and the picture round (state flags) but totally bit it on the science/nature and useless facts rounds. I did ok on the music and literature questions, and at some point Mike D's mom said that she likes being on my team because I know my ass from a hole in the ground. This announcement was followed by a hilarious skit in which she and Mike D's dad pretended to be confused about what constituted a hole in the ground and what could be considered one's ass. Maybe you had to be there, but it was a hoot.

What else happened? The leper colony was there for the first time in a few months; their presence usually ups the number of funny answers and improves the overall level of emcee/crowd interaction. It was super-hot and stuffy in the bar, so much so that the most coveted Pub Quiz Raffle Prize was not the limited edition I [shamrock] [Guinness glass] t-shirt but the limited edition battery-powered personal fan bearing a message promoting some movie I've never heard of. The video round closed with the hi-larious SNL Digital Short "Great Day," featuring Andy Samberg, whom I heart. Enjoy.  

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