I'm Not Dead Yet

(If any of you hung out in Sargent and immediately replied with some variation of "It's just a flesh wound!,"  enjoy. All the non-nerds, meet me below the video.)  

Yeah, so: Haven't been blogging because I've been actually working during office hours, plus putting in beaucoup overtime on nights/weekends. I have about 24 books to get through my department and to the printer within the next four to six weeks; some of them have a greater shot of making it than others, but I'll be giving it maximum effort for the foreseeable future. 

In fact, I'm at the office now, slogging through another U.S. history unit. The material is somehow quite timely: There's a lesson examining Truman's decision to fire MacArthur, which brings to mind this whole McChrystal thing; then there's a lesson about the Vietnam War that sounds as though you could do a find-and-replace with "Vietnam" and "Afghanistan" and have something approximating an article in . . . I was going to say "today's newspaper," but we all know that nobody reads those anymore, so I guess I'll use "today's online news aggregator" instead. 

At any rate, I'd better suck it up and get back to it since I have to get this project to an editor first thing tomorrow. Plus, I should take advantage of the peace and quiet to really focus and plow through my to-do list. (Hey! It could happen! Quit laughing!)


  1. Actually "working" at work? What a novel concept. I should try that.

  2. Dude, it's the worst! No time for posting on Facebook, catching up on Google Reader subscriptions, browsing on Amazon, etc. and so on. It totally blows.