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Judy Blume invites you to the Smackdown --

Judy Blume invites you to the Smackdown? WTF?!

Just to clarify: It caught my eye when I skimmed the e-mail from Borders; I didn't watch the actual video yet. I'm sure it makes sense once you've gone to the Web site and everything, but ...

While I'm plugging things:

At Pub Quiz last night, Thom Zahler told me about a competition he's a part of on Zuda He's trolling for votes, so perhaps all three people who read this can go to the site and vote for The Urban Adventures of Melvin Blank. Here's the write-up from his site:

Someone Likes Melvin

I’ve mentioned that Bill Williams and I are competing in this month’s Zudacomics competition. I’m probably going to mention that a lot more over the next month, so apologies in advance.

Lefty Films have already reviewed this month’s competitors. Who got the highest grade? Well, modesty prevents me from saying, but not reprinting the review.

The Urban Adventures of Melvin Blank
by Bill Williams and Thom Zahler

Unique. Intriguing. Fascinating. The cliche of a man in a boys body and mind is nothing new, but the concept is executed brilliantly here. You don’t SEE Melvin until the comic is almost done, and when you do - you fully understand in one panel who he is. Before his reveal, he is shrouded in shadow and there seems to be nothing special about his language or manners. But then everything changes in one frightening heartbeat. It feels like the teaser for an X-Files episode. This thing could go anywhere. The cartoony artwork only helps with the set-up, and the unsettling afterglow. The creators honestly know their sh*t.


Be sure to
check out the whole review here!

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