Pictures Worth Thousands of Words

I like it when a clever diagram pretty much says it all:

Social Media t-shirt on

This one also captures the zeitgeist:

Government Motors t-shirt on

The Social Media and Government Motors designs were announced in this week's Wailing List from

In other news . . .

The theme for tonight's Pub Quiz is pop culture, so Cathy says we should be spending the rest of the day boning up on our Susan Boyle and Jon & Kate + 8 news. (Urk. I bet you never thought you'd see "boning" and "Susan Boyle" in the same sentence.) However, as some people (like Mike D) have pointed out, I am horribly behind on my Pub Quiz recaps. So, maybe I'll spend some time this afternoon reviewing my notes and crafting a summary. Or maybe I'll watch all five segments of the Adam Lambert exit interview on EW's Idolatry for the third time. Whatever.

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