Friday Timewaster: Tetris

The puzzle video game Tetris is played at a barcade in Brooklyn, New York. — Mark Lennihan / AP
In honor of the 25th anniversary . . .

Sputnik burned up in the atmosphere, Berlin is now one city, but 25 years later, the Soviet-designed Tetris remains one of the most popular and ubiquitous video games ever created. It has sold over 125 million copies, been released for nearly every video-game platform of the past two decades and even been played on the side of a skyscraper. Yet creator Alexey Pajitnov almost never saw a ruble for his creation.

My mother is very anti-video game, so I think the first time I played a lot of Tetris was in college — it was on the computers in the offices of The Post, and I spent a lot of time my fall quarter sophomore year trying to set a high score instead of working on any actual stories for the paper. Good times . . .

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