Incriminating Photos

I think I left my notebook with the last three months' worth of Pub Quizzes at my parents' house. Or it's in a totebag I haven't unpacked yet.

Either way, I don't have it handy to write a recap, so I'll just share a better picture of Mike D's mom and a lovely image of Cathy and Christine, both from Mike D's portfolio for last week's quiz, and call it a day.


  1. Sorry fellow readers not pub quiz related:
    Hey Amy, I figured I'd post this here since you probably wouldn't check your iLike before Monday. I was at yesterday's Tribe v. Cards game and found out that Monday is Rick Vaughn bobblehead night (Aw man, I can't go). But check this out! They are also playing the Brewers. So that means Bob Uecker and Rick Vaughn bobbleheads. It's a Major League Miracle!!! (or a totally planned gimmick) Please tell me you're going? I know you're a HUGE Major League fan as well and at least one of us should be there.

  2. Hells yeah, I'm going on Monday!!

    Actually, I'm kind of wishing I was going today: They're playing the movie on the outfield scoreboard after this afternoon's game.

    Anyhow: I helped organize my OU alumni chapter's annual outing to an Indians game, so I got to vote on which game we went to. As soon as I heard about Major League Monday, I knew we had to go that night.

    I'm going to be wearing my Milwaukee Indians t-shirt and bringing my autographed Major League DVD (the Wild Thing edition with the Astroturf cover!) to the pregame party and everything. It's gonna rock!

    Especially if the Tribe manages to win!