@#*$ Picture Pages

At last week's Pub Quiz, Mike D's parents invited me to another quiz night on our end of town: The weekly Monday-night quiz at a pub in Rocky River.

The Pub has a much shorter quiz —  just one round of twenty questions, plus a ten-item "Name that Song/Artist" musical round. There's a lightning round somewhere in there where your team has to fill out a multi-item list quickly and accurately to win a separate prize.  (Last night's speed round topic was "Name the color of the following items" with things like "McDonald's arches" and "Barney" and "General Lee," the latter leading to a quick disagreement about whether the quiz was asking for the color of the famous person or the famous automobile.) There's no fee to play, but there's no cash prizes, either — just random booze-related swag.

His parents claimed that they do very well there, and their team did do very well last night, missing only three questions. They would have missed only two if I could have come up with the name of the 1970s interactive educational show for preschoolers hosted by Bill Cosby. 

I was telling the rest of the team (who didn't seem to know this show at all, since they were all older than me) that I could picture him with the oversized marker, talking to the camera and explaining the matching activity or the maze or whatever it was that episode, and I knew that there were pages you had at home so that you could do it along with him, but did I put the two together and come up with Picture Pages? No!! 

I was very disappointed in myself. However, everybody else on the team was very nice about it, and I was invited to come back anytime.

Last night also turned out to be an early birthday celebration for Dianne (Mike D's mom), complete with full Flying Monkeys regalia and a birthday cake that qualified as a minor Cakewreck

Apparently the cake decorator spelled her name with only one n; when confronted with this error, the solution seemed to be "Wipe off the existing icing with a thumb and rewrite the name correctly." There were many photos taken to document the cake, her gifts, and her dancing during the audio portion of the quiz, but not by me, so you'll just have to imagine that she was much happier than in this photo from last November's Pub Quiz.

Mike D's Mom

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