Oh, There Are Boundaries, Kara

Like, for example, the boundary between horrible-sounding garbage and moderately annoying nonsense, over which your "winning" song cannot climb.

Urgh. Every year, I think, "The winner's song can't be worse than last year's, can it?" and I am totally surprised by how ear-bleedingly bad the song is.*

Anyhow, I managed to stop vomiting long enough to read American Idol Winner: Can Google Predict the Results?, which contains this intriguing graphic:

American Idol Winner: Can Google Predict the Results?

I don't really know what the unit of measurement is along the x-axis — millions of queries? percentage of all queries about American Idol? — but it looks pretty awesome for Glambert.

I'm not entirely discounting an upset by Kris, though. He's more in the mold of an American Idol winner, anyway — it might be better for Adam if he doesn't win. Basically, I'm hedging my bets and trying not to be too disappointed later.

* ETA:
Okay, Kelly's song from the first year has kind of grown on me. I like Fantasia's song, too, but that is mostly a result of her singing it on coronation night and not its inherent musical structure or lyrics.

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