Picked the Wrong Week to Quit Drinking

Man, last night was not good to the front-runners: Glambert, the Cavs, and the Royals all lost. Bummer, dude. Oh wait: I mean, Go Tribe!

In other news, I followed through on my threat to call in to my friend's book club meeting and have him put me on speaker so I could give my (low) opinion of the book (Last Night at the Lobster).

Basically, I thought all the characters were a bunch of sad sacks, the whole thing was depressing, and it's a good thing it was short. Apparently a few people agreed with me.

Sadly, since my attendance was virtual, I missed out on those awesome Red Lobster biscuits. Maybe I'll talk the 'rents into going out to eat this weekend.

Burning question: What's the appropriate foodstuff to accompany the next discussion, which is about the zombie version of Pride and Prejudice?

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