I've wasted pretty much the entire morning by poking around online to figure out a way to get all my Yahoo Calendar stuff into my iPod Touch calendar. (Short answer: You can't do it . . . yet. The Yahoo people might be releasing additional syncing options in the next few months.)

On one hand, it's not like I have such a busy schedule that I can't survive unless I load everything into my Touch. On the other, it's kind of a pain to have a capability and not be able to fully use it. I suppose I should just give in and start using Google for everything — because I would be able to sync that calendar and the Touch — but I don't really like Gmail. Or Reader. Or the iGoogle page. But that's partly because I already have everything tweaked just how I like it in Yahoo, and the prospect of retweaking everything in Google just makes me tired.

In other news: It's Pub Quiz tonight, and I'm a woman without a team. Assuming that they make it through the snow, I'll try to play with either the Leper Colony or the Flying Monkeys. Christine gave me a snazzy notebook that looks like a Nintendo controller* for Christmas and I can't wait to start using it as the new Pub Quiz log. Of course, I'm also supposed to write better recaps than the lame junk I've been posting lately. Hmm. Good thing the grownups won't be in the office tomorrow.

* While looking for a photo of that, I came across a Mario made from floppy disks and a toadstool lamp. Wow. Just . . . Wow.

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