I Thought I Was the Only One Who Did That

In conjunction with my recent Facebook status ("Amy wants to wear her MILWAUKEE INDIANS t-shirt to the Indians-Brewers game on 6/15: Rick Vaughn bobblehead night!"), I give you this letter from the most recent CastroTurf* mailbag . . .

I wanted to let you know about a Spring Training/Major League party that is going to take place at Stampers Bar and Grille in Fairview Park on Thursday, February 12, starting at 4 p.m. This party was started years ago at a place called Jerry's, where they gathered at the start of Spring Training as they watched Major League and hoped that this was our year. I am trying to get the word out, so if we could get your help it would be greatly appreciated.

— John C.

Nice to see that I'm not the only one who likes to kick off the season that way. I usually watch it at home, but I may have to attend this year's public screening.

In other news . . .

I joined forces with the Leper Colony last night, only to drag them down to my usual fifth-place finish. Stay tuned for the full recap.

* It's a blog about the Indians, written by the Indians beat reporter for MLB.com. He's also an OU grad and a former Vandelay Industries intern. Nice.


  1. Say Vandelay! Say Vandelay!

    Are you coming to WV?

  2. And YOU want to be MY latex salesman?

  3. Uhm, yeah, about that . . . I kind of double-booked myself for that Friday night.

    I can probably wiggle out of it, but only if Brian & Julie are still up for it.

    I just received the conference program in yesterday's mail, and I did spend about fifteen minutes figuring out which sessions I would want to go attend (mostly all the history-oriented ones). So, yeah . . .