Dude. Nice Jesus.

Like last year, I was supposed to see the cult classic The Big Lebowski on Saturday night with some friends, but we ended up skipping it. It's probably just as well . . . I doubt the crowd at the Cedar Lee — although some people did dress up last year — would be as awesomely costumed as the crowd in New York. (Seriously, check out the photos & quotes on the New York Magazine site.)

Why does the cult stoner bowling comedy The Big Lebowski have traction a decade after its release? “Look Book” dropped in on this year’s Lebowski Fest—a party held at Lucky Strike Lanes in which fans came dressed as their favorite characters— to see what the various Jesuses, nihilists, and Dudes had to say.

On the subway here, my sister and I were sitting next to each other—she as the Dude and I as Jesus—and this guy shouts, “Dude!” And then I turn around and he goes, “Nice Jesus!” That’s validation right there. 

Andrea Perkins
College Professor

Oh my.

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