Triple Feature

Mary Lu and I pretty much camped out at the Cedar Lee on Saturday: The Darjeeling Limited, Lars and the Real Girl, and The Big Lebowski. All very enjoyable, in their own ways.

Every time I saw Adrien Brody, I tried to mentally superimpose Luke Wilson, with mixed results.

Ryan Gosling is still hot, even in pink thermal underwear and old man cardigans.

All the 'dude' usage made me think of the Bud Light commercial.

Cathy and Christine joined us for dinner at the Lemongrass Cafe and the cult classic. I could have sworn that I'd seen The Big Lebowski before, but I only recognized bits and pieces. So, for me it was almost like watching a new movie. Maybe later I'll explore some dude-related links and things I found on this blog.

The rest of the weekend, I OD'd on football. I was so busy watching my Season 1 DVD of Friday Night Lights that I didn't get around to watching the new episode of FNL that I taped on Friday night. Oh, and I was at the brewpub on Sunday afternoon for part of the Browns-Cardinals debacle. I'll leave you with the commentary from Deadspin:

One of the sickest trick plays I've ever seen came in the Browns-Cardinals game on a 2-point conversion, where kick returner Josh Cribbs lined up at tailback, Derek Anderson faked the "walk over to the deaf-ass wideout to explain the play," and the snap went to Cribbs, who faked the draw and tapped into his Kent State quarterbacking skills, lobbing the ball to Kellen Winslow. There were about three spices of fake in there. Simply stunning, and it came off a questionable long touchdown by Braylon Edwards in which he appeared to have been down by contact.

Fat lot of good it did, though, because Arizona was able to stave off the equine nads of Derek Anderson's last-second, 4th-down heave into the end zone, which was caught by Kellen Winslow but was pushed out of bounds and ruled out. (I watched this game out of free will over the Bears-Giants, if you hadn't noticed.) Cardinals 27, Browns 21

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  1. I watched the Bears-Giants and thought we had that all wrapped up with a nice big bow. I don't think I had ever seen anyone suck as bad as Eli Manning yesterday.
    I'm still gonna marry Urlacher, and I want Hester as my pet.