Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore

So, I get all these e-mails from Archiver's, and so far I've been pretty good about not driving over there and spending a ton of money. However, the one I got yesterday seemed to be the straw that broke my backbone.

I mean, come on: Holiday stamps! For $2! How am I supposed to resist?

I'm planning to take some of my crafting gear to Akron next weekend — my parents' dining room table makes a fine stamping studio . . . until it's time to eat, anyway — but that means I have to spend some time this week figuring out what kind of cards I want to work on, gathering all the materials I think I'll need, cutting that in half, and paring that down to a semi-reasonable four or five boxes of supplies. Ugh. It sounds like so much work, and I haven't even actually made anything yet.

Anyhow, even though I'd noticed some posts on Consumerist about Christmas creep, I forgot that I'd have to listen to non-stop Christmas carols while I browsed. I'm okay with most of the songs, but drop the needle on "Little Drummer Boy" and I'm so outta there.

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  1. And please remember that just because a store is called "Archiver's" (really, is that even a word) - they don't do what we do (and by that I mean me and maybe someday you).

    I have not yet activated my Christmas iPod playlist. I need to at least wait until next weekend. Then at least one of the stations here will have abandoned its format in favor of Christmas music all the time.

    I'm working on getting some more holiday spirit this year.

    [not nagging, just asking] Have you sent me any money?

  2. Y'know, I did think of you and your pals when I spotted the "archival quality" storage boxes and similar materials displayed in a little nook at the rear of the store. I did not, however, buy any so that I could set up my own little "play archives" in my apartment.

    I came across a whole stack of Xmas CDs in the bottom of my desk drawer, but they're not my favorites -- I think those are in a pile somewhere at home. I did just see them the other day, and think, "Hmm, I might want to listen to those soon." I made my own personal Xmas Mix CD a few years ago, but now I think I need to do a volume 2. I'll wait until after Thanksgiving, though.

    As for holiday spirit ... meh. It's overrated.

    As for the money ... The check is in the mail. I just sent it out yesterday, addressed to your office. (Hmmm. I suppose I could have PayPal-ed it, if I ever kept any actual money in my PP account. Oh well.)

  3. Oh no! Why did you tell me about this?!? Must ... resist ....

    Except actually, I think this year I'll be designing my Christmas cards in Illustrator and having them printed. With the baby, we knew we wanted to do a picture card, and it's so much cheaper to get them printed than to assemble a photo card.

    A part of me will miss the big assembly party my Mom and sisters and I usually have, but part of me is pretty excited to not have hours of work ahead of me!

  4. Oooh, designing onscreen & having them printed ... fancy! I'm sure they'll turn out great, though.

    Meanwhile ... I meant to spend time this weekend assembling the supplies, but did I? Nope!

    And I promised a friend of mine I would bring supplies over and have a card-making party @ her place soon. I figure, once I've got everything sorted and ready to travel, I may as well take it everywhere. I should call Dottie, and see if my traveling arts-and-crafts booth can make a stop over there ...