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Checking my e-mail last night, I noticed this subject line: "Grady Sizemore* Becomes a 30/30 Man."

The first thing that came to mind was the song "Sixty-Minute Man," which made me snicker. But when I read the message I remembered that the Indians were playing Detroit and realized that I'd already missed the first three innings because I had been watching She's Having a Baby.**

Also on the Kevin Bacon tip: I just saw He Said, She Said last week, and if I hadn't been flipping between the convention and the ball game last night, I would have been watching Diner. No plans to watch Footloose, though.***

*Or, as my grandma insists on calling him, "Grady Cute Butt." Yeah, I'm vomiting a little, too. I think I've mentioned that factoid before, but I felt the need to share the pain.

** Verdict: Hilarious and underrated. I enjoyed all the cross-casting between it and Ferris Bueller, plus the string of cameos during the closing credits. Oh, and don't forget the big song-and-dance number with the lawnmowers — one of many WTF?! dream sequences that cracked me up.

*** Last weekend my sister insisted that I've seen this movie, despite my many claims to the contrary. She says we watched it on TV one night, but I have no memory of this incident. I do know that we saw Sleepers on TV once — it was the same night Stick learned that it's not a good idea to put a wooden spoon in the blender when it's on. (Yes, he had been drinking. What's your point?)

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