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I'm sorta glad I tuned into Seacrest's show this morning (I haven't been listening for the last few weeks) because he just announced a new judge on this season of American Idol: Kara DioGuardi.

She seems like Diane Warren 2.0, but maybe she'll have something new to say to the contestants. When I was watching American Idol Rewind a few weeks ago, I noticed that Randy and Simon are saying the same stuff in season 8 that they were in season 2.

Ha! Kim Kardashian just said she's "the female Ryan Seacrest." I thought Ryan was "the female Ryan Seacrest." (Ba-dum-bum!)

Anyhow, all this Idol talk reminded me that I found this article the other week that I totally agree with:

Idol fancies: The 40 (or so) songs I never want to hear again - Idol Chatter -

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