Fuel to the Fire of My Budding Gene Simmons Obsession

Cathy completely mocks me (and rightfully so) for being somewhat hooked on Family Jewels — although I haven't watched it for the last two weeks, so there! — but I found this nugget in an online review of Never Too Young to Die, and I can't resist.

Oh! And I left out the best part. The bad guy is Gene Simmons, overacting enormously. He's playing a hermaphrodite (... or something) named Velvet Van Ragnar, and there are times when it seems like he's trying to play Dr. Frank N. Furter. And those are his subtle moments. The scene where he tries to seduce John Stamos (!) is especially crazy.

Adding this to my Netflix queue now . . .

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  1. wasnt he the villian in a tom selleck movie called Runaway?

  2. Ok,
    A. I need to look into this "Runaway" movie.
    B. Gene Simmons rules. His show cracks me the hell up. Way better than the Osbournes were. Genie's kids are actually interesting and snarky.
    That is all.
    For now.

  3. Sadly, Cathy's plans for a double-feature have been foiled by the sad fact that the John Stamos movie has never been released on DVD. (And also that the closest library with a copy is in Long Island.)

    I have, however, added Runaway to the Netflix queue.

  4. I think i saw Runaway in high school over my uncle's house and really dug it...mostly for the gun that shot around walls.
    But i caught a portion of it on Encore when i was off with the ankle last year and its not all that bad for what it is