Mating Operation [Not What You Think]

I saw "Akron" in the RSS feed for Shorpy last week and had to click on the link: Mating Operation: 1942 | Shorpy :: History in HD.

There are probably a ton more photos like that in the book Wheels of Fortune: The Story of Rubber in Akron, by two Beacon Journal reporters. I think my mom has a copy, but I haven't read it.

Firestone's latex division is a few miles down the street and around the corner from where I grew up in Akron. My uncles work at Goodyear, though, and my dad has a deep desire to get a ride in a Goodyear blimp. If there's a fundraiser in the Akron area offering a blimp ride as a prize, he's bought ten tickets in the drawing. Or, if it's one entry blank to a person, he's filled out forms for himself, my mom, me, my sister, the cat . . .

It's become a running family joke to point and yell, "Da blimp, da blimp!" in the manner of Tattoo on
Fantasy Island. We see the blimps a lot, actually. On my fridge I have a photo of four of them in the sky over the lake by our house. The one below is from the 1960s, though. I found it online somewhere ages ago.

I used to have some blimp-shaped erasers once upon a time . . . Maybe I'll swing by the World of Rubber and stock up the next time I'm in town.

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