Foot Cheese [Also Not What You Think]

I was mooching around the mall yesterday, waiting for my photos to get developed*, and I picked up the Ped Egg on a whim. I can't recall seeing the infomercials, but I had noticed earlier in the day how grotty the bottoms of my feet were getting, and if I was intending to continue to wear sandals to work, I had better do something about it.

So I tried it out last night, and it works pretty much as advertised. (Don't believe me? Check out the intrepid reporter on News Channel 11: Coverage You Can Count On.) It's pretty much a cheese grater for feet, and I accidentally spilled some of the shavings on my bedspread because I didn't have the cap on properly.

An aside: My mom** always says that Parmesan cheese smells like sweat socks, and refuses to put any on her spaghetti, although my dad sprinkles his quite liberally. The shavings in the Ped Egg receptacle look a little bit a lot like the contents of that familiar green Kraft canister. They might smell somewhat better, though.

Anyhow, I followed up with some lotion and cotton socks while I tried for the second time to watch All About Eve***. In the morning, everything looked much better than it had the day before. So I put on some clean socks and my pink Chucks with pink star laces, because it's unofficial casual day at the office.

Apparently Mo Rocca documented his entire Ped Egg experience, from placing the order to trying the product. Check it out on YouTube: These videos just confirm that (a) Mo is an idiot and (b) I should never buy anything over the phone.

* So I could learn that I did, indeed, have my finger over the lens or in the vicinity of the lens for about a fifth of the pictures. Dag. I need to find my digital camera!

** Happy birthday! (Not that she reads this, but I'm just putting it out there. I mailed her card yesterday morning, so it may or may not arrive today. I guess I'll call her later, even though I'm going to see her tomorrow night.)

*** It was on TCM Sunday night, and I taped it. Good thing, too — I keep falling asleep when I watch it. I know it's supposed to be a classic and all, but I can't really bring myself to care. And Bette Davis creeps me out. Oh, but you know what's creepier? Single White Female. I saw that for free (or maybe $1, I forget which) at Mem Aud when I was in college. Heh. Nothing like a story about a freaky roommate to freak out all the audience members with roommates!

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  1. this has to be your nastiest posting ever amy