Seriously? The Loom of Fate? Whatever.

I guess I read somewhere that Wanted was based on a comic book graphic novel, but I had conveniently forgotten that fact by the time I bought my ticket and settled in with my popcorn and cherry Coke. Christine knew it, though, so she was looking forward to the big reveal of the Loom of Fate.

We were the only people in the audience who giggled during that scene, although I'm pretty sure it was meant to be funny. In fact, I laughed through a lot of it. It's just so . . . Really? On the one hand, I can see why Cathy chose to skip it (she's in for the Batman movie, though) but on the other, I certainly enjoyed this moment:

James McAvoy: Hot and Wet. Oh wait, that last part was me.



  1. Well I suppose all I really need is this screen shot to drool over.
    And it figures, I didn't really get anything done last night, or today so for, except for buying a new driver and going to the driving range.

    I guess I should catch up on school work. :(

  2. Are you sure the big reveal was the Loom of Fate and not the Fruit of the Looms???