I Was Just Thinking the Same Thing

I was flipping through channels early Saturday morning (this is way before the Baywatch/Geraldo debacle mentioned earlier), and decided that there's no longer any reason to get up early and sneak down to the living room like I did as a kid. Then today I read this online:

I might be biased, but the '80s really had to be the best decade for cartoons. How can you beat My Little Pony, He-Man, the Care Bears or, best of all, the Smurfs?

I was an Alvin & the Chipmunks* fan myself, but they didn't come on until, like, 10:30, and by then the grown-ups were up and about, assigning chores or carting me and my sister off to Barberton for swimming lessons or making me practice the piano or turning on PBS so they could watch This Old House or Victory Garden. Gah.

* I watched the opening credits on Retro Static last week, and still knew all the words... Should I be proud or depressed?

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