Horrifying Discovery of the Weekend

Picture it:

Saturday afternoon, mindlessly flipping through channels, and then . . .

Geraldo was on Baywatch?!

I only caught the last five minutes (thank heavens!), so I had to turn to teh Internets for verification:

Hasselhoff, 6 feet 4 inches, blinding white teeth, leathery skin, was nothing if not rock solid. And he could play for laughs, too. In one vintage episode recently rerun, guest-starring Geraldo Rivera as a dweeb looking for romance tips, Hasselhoff calls out, "Hey, flat-butt!" to Rivera across the beach.

Whattaya mean "Geraldo can't act"? My god, sir, have you never seen that Baywatch episode? His performance as a shy beachcomber infatuated with a beautiful surfer girl (ironicaly portrayed by his real life wife--at the time) was postitively Olivier-esque!

Bucky on Democratic Underground

Oh no! While I was Googling for an image to put with this entry, I came across G on the cover of Playgirl. Oh, this gets worse and worse. I'd better stop now, before I'm permanently scarred. Eek!

In other news:

I re-watched
Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade on DVD yesterday, and they are awesome and totally believable, so there.

I also got sucked in to watching the last forty-five minutes or so of Stand By Me on "DVD on TV" on AMC, despite the stoopid censoring and commercial breaks. I think that was one of the first movies I had on tape — my Aunt Helen gave me a copy. I still have it ... although I haven't watched it in years. I still have the soundtrack on cassette, too; haven't listened to that in ages either, but I refuse to get rid of it. These are just two of the zillion reasons why I need to move to a bigger apartment.

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