Prepare Yourself for Parmageddon [Updated]

I'm on the corner of Detroit & Warren all the time ... How have I not heard of this place before now?

Melt: Bar & Grilled

Another BEST Sandwich

In this month's Esquire Magazine they reported another "BEST Sandwich in America" resides in Lakewood, OH.

A grilled cheddar-cheese sandwich with potato-and-cheese pierogies, napa-vodka sauerkraut and onion.....called the Parmageddon ..... is a masterpiece of Melt Bar & Grilled.

As summer rears its little head, get to "The Melt" early for a seat on their patio, but more importantly for one of the many grilled cheese masterpieces!


How could I not include a photo of the sandwich itself? Silly me . . .

nom nom nom

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And it's not just a sandwich:

Check out the tunage on the My Space page for "Metal / Rock / Happy Hardcore" band Parmageddon, or catch them live tomorrow night at the Rush Hour Grill in — where else? — Parma.

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  1. Holy Crap! Do they deliver? Do you? Damn, that looks yummy

  2. Heh. Did someone skip breakfast? :)

    I haven't been over there to have one yet ... Have I mentioned that Cathy says she's supposed to go there w/ some friends, since the place is vegetarian friendly? (except for Parmageddon, I suppose)... Maybe I can tag along then.