Friday Timewaster: 80s Lyrics Quiz

In the

Lyrics Quiz 1

In the 80s has several of these 80s lyrics quizzes, but so far I've only done the first one.

I got just a shade over half right. I find it interesting how some of them were immediately familiar, and others completely unknown ... until I looked at the answers, and thought, Hey! I know that song! — But apparently not well enough to recognize random snippets of lyrics.

OMG. I was just looking at the rest of the site, and this photo

Wacky Wall Walker

immediately triggered a memory of playing with a purple one when I was in, like, fourth grade. It left a big spot on the wall in my bedroom, which I think stayed there until I left for college and my mom and sister put up wallpaper. Ha. Good times.

Since there's (almost) nobody else in the office today, I guess I'll be taking the second and third quizzes and having another cup of coffee. Further bulletins as events warrant.

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