This Week in Netflix: Volume 22

A Haiku Composed While Viewing In the Land of the Women

Squee! Adam Brody!
Heartbroken, adorkable;
Huey Lewis song.

I may have to buy this movie, and have periodic
ITLOTW/Grind double features, especially now that I let my sister borrow my seven seasons' worth of Gilmore Girls DVDs. (Okay, so he's only in a handful of episodes in, what, the second season, and I still have the complete run of The O.C. on DVD in my possession, so it's not like I'm hurting for chances to view AB on the small screen, but still.) Sigh.

Anyhow, after I watched the movie I watched the Idol finale (Ha! So cheese-tastic!) and otherwise piddled around until 3:30 a.m., which made rising and shining at 7 extremely difficult, which is why I put it off until 7:45.

Then I had a wardrobe malfunction
that made me six minutes late for work. (My button-down shirt was all extra-wrinkly, so I traded it for a cardigan, because despite being the end of May, it's still "delightfully crisp" of a morning around here — overnight lows in the 40s.) Thankfully, nobody in charge was here to care.

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