Old Kids on the Block

I know, I know — Everybody's doing that headline. But I had a long weekend, and lots of stuff on my desk when I came back to the office, so I only have minimal time for creativity in this area. They can't all be winners, people.

Anyhow: Ryan Seacrest is having New Kids on the Block in studio for an interview on his radio show this morning, and some of his staffers are reverting to their youth and hyperventilating about the fact that NKOTB are coming. Meanwhile, he's trying to explain to the listeners currently in high school that NKOTB were kind of the Jonas Brothers of their day.

I'm throwing up a little listening to all of this, because it takes me back to AP U.S. History with Mr. Archual my junior year of high school. Two rows over from me was Dawn, the biggest NKOTB fan ever, and sitting in front of her was Steve, who thought he was Jordan Knight.

At some point during the year, we had to research and report on a song of social significance. First, as a group we did Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire," which I think had just come out the year before. We divided up the verses, researched the allusions in our assigned section, and shared our findings with the rest of the class. Then we had to choose our own song to analyze. I picked "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye. Dawn did . . . I honestly don't remember the song title, but it was definitely a NKOTB song. It may have had some socially significant lyrics, but I mostly remember laughing my head off.

Ugh. Now he's playing their new song . . . Sounds almost the same as the old songs. So, wherever they are, Dawn and Steve must be ecstatic.

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