I have had an actual reader request for more information about Chautauqua, and I don't feel like getting out of my pajamas just yet, so I will oblige.

The Chautauqua Institution is quite nice, even during a somewhat damp weekend in early May. I stayed in this fancy old hotel, the Athenaeum. It was quite a hike to my room, but I had a great view of the lake.

I walked around a bit to get to some of the different sessions at the conference I was attending, so I got to see some of the grounds. My mom wandered around a lot, looking at the houses and gardens. Since the season doesn't officially start for about another six weeks, there were a lot of workmen fixing up people's houses and yards.

There's not a lot else to do up there besides enjoy nature and analyze the architecture, though. Oh, wait: There are a ton of wineries in the area, so you can follow the Lake Erie Wine Trail and stock your cellar. I'm not a wine fan, though, and I'm not much for hikes in the woods, either, even if the trails have been created along old railroad beds.

We did go to the Lucy-Desi Museum in Jamestown, and that was fun. We also ended up in Westfield at some point on Saturday, but didn't linger long because I was ready to head home. I picked up some goat's milk fudge at Webb's Candies before we left — yum!

I guess I have to suck it up and get ready for work. It's just me and the office manager again today — everybody else is on vacation (my cohorts in prepress) or has mysteriously disappeared (the nuns). I was busy doing some actual work yesterday, but today I might have time to follow up with some people I chatted with at the conference.


  1. Nice to have met you in person in Chautauqua. Hopefully you didn't hit any speedtraps coming or going.

  2. It was nice to meet the whole crew (or most of it) from the peanut gallery on Order from Chaos. (I didn't really recap the whole conference because I didn't think my friend Steve was interested in that part of my trip to Chautauqua — he's considering it as a possible camping/fishing destination later this summer.)

    Anyhow . . . I didn't get caught by any cops. My biggest difficulty was figuring out the right way to go on the highway. I was in the middle of a . .. let's say discussion with my mom (I don't remember anymore what it was about) when we got to the expressway entrance, and I inadvertently got on 86 East instead of 86 West. Doh! One illegal U-turn later, and I was headed back to Ohio. Whew!

  3. And provided I get my act together, you will even have photo evidence to show "Steve."

    So Steve is your academic advisor for your library / archives degree, which you are certain to pursue now that you have seen the wonderful side of archives?!

    It was great to meet you in person and I hope that you had a good time and learned a few things from us.

  4. Uhm, Steve is a guy I know from the OU alumni association. He sent me a note on Facebook the other day since I mentioned Chautauqua in my status update last week.

    I did get some tips last weekend on grad programs for archival studies (or whatever) . . . I might do some Googling when things are slow at the office later.

    And I already had a Papa John's post in the queue, ready to robo-post on Wednesday a.m. I love this scheduled posting feature!