Guess What I'm Having for Dinner Tomorrow?

A woman holds up a Papa John's Crybaby 23 T-shirt at the Verizon Center during Friday night's game that the Wizard's lost, 105-88. — Photo by John Kuntz

CLEVELAND Papa John’s Pizza issued an apology to Cleveland and the Cavaliers for making T-shirts with LeBron James’ number and the word “crybaby” under it.

To apologize, Papa John’s will sell Cleveland residents a large, one-topping pizza for 23 cents on Thursday. The 23 is an homage to James’ jersey number. The company also will donate $10,000 to the Cavaliers Youth Fund.

The pizza chain’s T-shirts were featured during the Cavs’ games against the Wizards on Friday in Washington. Wizards fans taunted the Cavs, who won the payoff series that night in Game 6.

The shirts started after James complained about hard fouls, and Wizards center Brendan Haywood called him a crybaby.

Associated Press

I watched the last game of the Cavs-Wizards series in New York, and since a jazz combo was wailing away on the other side of the bar (and some rowdy archivists were shooting pool in the next room), I couldn't hear anything about the "Crybaby" t-shirts a local Papa John's franchise handed out. (Assuming anybody said anything about them during the game anyways, of course.)

At my parents' house on Sunday, I saw the article in the paper and the in-depth report on FOX 8. Brave Astronaut helpfully sent me a link to one of the many, many news reports on the topic.
After a little Googling, I came across this comment on the pizza blog The Slice:

Obviously this was not a nationally issued opinion and as the Director of Marketing for a very large franchise with 28 of our stores in Ohio, we are deeply saddened by this judgement call that put all Papa John's stores in jeopardy. I hope that people will see this as something done without consent of every Papa John's owner. PJ Ohio stands firm and supports LeBron James. We are sorry this happened.

The 23-cent pizza offer was also mentioned in the Cavs Insider e-newsletter sent out on Tuesday. Some of the comments in the Cavs' online forum are hi-larious. I like the signatures, too. Some clever graphics:

The Chosen One

Here's hoping it goes our way in the rest of the series.

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  1. I told you we were a fun bunch. But we can't play pool to save our souls. As for the Jazz "band" well, let's just leave that alone, but I'll say I was looking for the doors to close us into the pool room.

  2. Wow, I'm terrible at pool, too! (Is that another reason I should be an archivist?) Well, if I meditate on the lessons taught in the pool section of Donald in Mathmagic Land, I can make some shots. But usually I'm too impatient.

    OMG. I just found that segment on YouTube! Awesome! I haven't seen this since ... math class my senior year of high school? I'll have to e-mail Ted, because he was in that class. I think Mrs. Baker used it to kill time one day, but since I had her freshman year and senior year, I can't decide when it was. Probably senior year in the spring, when we weren't going to be paying attention to anything she said anyhow.

    Here's the link:

    Donald in Mathmagic Land (part 2)