This Week in Netflix: Volume 20

Scanning my list of recent rentals, I'm noticing some common themes . . .

Movies Based on Books by People who Live in Florida
  • Big Trouble (Dave Barry)
  • Hoot (Carl Hiaasen)
I loved the books. The movies are okay, I guess.

Movies Set in Boston
  • The Departed
  • Gone Baby Gone
I really enjoyed both of these. I saw The Departed in the theater, and I've had it in my queue for quite a while. I bumped it up a few weeks ago after I saw The Simpsons episode that spoofs the plot. The bonus features are pretty good, too.

Movies Starring Casey Affleck

  • Gone Baby Gone
  • The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
I think Casey might be my new favorite Affleck. Although I did enjoy Ben's commentary on, and brief cameo in, Gone Baby Gone.

Movies I'm Not Sure I Get
  • Alpha Dog
  • A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints
  • You Kill Me
  • The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
I used the subtitle feature and watched the last two in fast-forward, though.

Movies that Let Me Squee over Luke Wilson
  • The Third Wheel
  • Hoot
And really, that's about all I ask for: some eye candy. Hence, my burning desire to see Leatherheads.

* Usually, if there's a commentary track, I listen to it, even if I'm seeing the movie for the first time on DVD.


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