Hump Day Timewaster: Tush Test

I'm not sure how I found this little quiz, and I'm really not sure how I managed to get them all right, but here you go.

Tush Test

I've only ever watched half an episode of that goofy show, and that was by accident. I mostly studied the outfit and tried to guess if it was something I thought she would wear. Apparently I'm a very good guesser.

Meanwhile, back to mainlining coffee (current total: half a pot) and trying to finish my freelance project. Why do I wait until the last minute every freaking time? Argh!

Maybe it's in case the world ends before my deadline. If so, why should I have spent my last moments working instead of goofing off and enjoying myself? (It's a little like the mom's reasoning in Brighton Beach Memoirs: And suppose the house burned down this afternoon. What do I need with an extra quarter-pound of butter?)

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