Mmm, Doritos!

I was too tired to watch Bones last night, so I taped it for future enjoyment. Instead, I had the Indians game on the radio and the Cavs game on the TV. Sports overload! (There's probably a balls joke in there somewhere, but I'm not going all the way there ... which leads to a whole new round of smart remarks, but you'll just have to make them to yourselves and/or post them in the comments!)

After the insanity that was the final seconds of Cavs-76ers and the ninth inning of Indians-Red Sox, I came across Stephen Colbert on Larry King. I dozed off maybe about halfway through (I'd had a loooong night on Sunday) but the parts I did see were hilarious (Stephen) and awkward (Larry), much like any episode of The Office.

Since I have nothing better to do at my office today besides try to come up with generic catch-all categories for my time log to disguise how much time I spend cruising teh Interwebs, I'll be YouTubing the show.

Oh, and here's my new desktop wallpaper, courtesy of Dustin H. in the Colbert Nation:

I was actually looking for that new flavor of Doritos at the store the other day but couldn't find them. Apparently this is going to be Americone Dream all over again — it's going to take forever to get to Ohio. Maybe I'll be able to buy a bag by the time the Democrats pick a nominee.


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