Back on the Map: The Great Texaco Road Map Floor

How cool is this?

My freelance project is kicking my a$$, so I don't really have any time/energy to discuss this further.

Update @ 10:22 AM

By rights I should have included a link to
the Cartophilia: Maps and Map Memorabilia blog, which is (a) where I first saw this map, (b) where you can find some additional photos of and actual commentary about said map, and (c) a totally awesome addition to my RSS reader. My apologies.


  1. Again, why don't you do what I do for a living?

    [shaking head]

  2. Because to do what you do I'd have to suffer through this totally bogus MLIS program at Kent State, that's why. Or drive to PA to take it at Pitt.

  3. So... The other proofreader at work is doing the KSU program now, and it seems ... poorly constructed. Of course, she's doing the "distance learning" option, but I've talked to people who did it at Kent, and I'm not sure that the class content / scheduling / organization / administration is any better.

    Just wait .... if they end up closing the Cleveland office in a year or two and have everybody move out to the convent in PA if they still want a job, I may move back in with my parents (or be less lame and get a place with my sister) and go to grad school. Happy?