I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

So, yesterday I'm reading the Television without Pity recap of last week's American Idol elimination night, and the recapper mentions a song by the Virgins that was featured on Gossip Girl a few episodes back.*

I know I downloaded that whole EP after it was used as the episode's soundtrack, but I couldn't place the song he mentioned, which made it hard to decide whether his comment about the lyrics vis- à-vis Jesus was funny or not.

So, I used Foxy Tunes to bring up the iTunes window and find the track he mentioned. Then I wished there was some way to instantly cue it up to play after the current track ("Come Back to Me," Plain White Ts) finished.

I right-click, and lo and behold, there is exactly what I wanted! "Play next in Party Shuffle" — Awesome! I was so stoked.

Or maybe just swacked out on caffeine, because I've been pretty much mainlining coffee all week in order to devote the maximum amount of time to my freelance project. For a while there, I actually had jitters: I could not get my hands to stop shaking. Eek.

So, I got a slight extension on the deadline and took last night off. I was so tired all day, but couldn't fall asleep when I got home. I was watching Bones and Colbert in Philadelphia but keeping an eye on the clock because I wanted to tape FOX starting at 8:30. I got kind of sleepy and woke up around 8:12. I should have started taping then, and just fast-forwarded through fifteen minutes of grossness later, but I thought, Nah, I'll be awake in fifteen minutes.

WRONG! I woke up at 2 am, feeling refreshed, but pissed that I missed who got booted off Idol. I could have gone online and looked it up, but I thought I'd let Ryan break it to me on the radio show. He's yammering about new area codes in LA right now, though. Hurry up and play the clips, man!

* The comment: "I don't want to speak for Jesus, but my understanding about His iPod is that it's mostly 10,000 Maniacs, sound clips from
The Big Lebowski, The Wizard Of Ahhs by Black Kids, and The Virgins' debut album (particularly "Rich Girls," even though he thinks they ripped him off on the lyrics)."

listening to it, I find the track slinky-cool in a Rolling Stones "Miss You" kind of way (I think it's just the movement and prominence of the bass line that makes me say that) but I guess I need to listen to it about five more times to figure out what's going on with the lyrics. Or I could Google the lyrics and read them online ... which I just did. Still not getting it. I thought Paul had stuff about not gossiping in his letters, and of course there's references in Proverbs, but the Gospels? I can't place it. Maybe I'll ask the nuns .... ha ha, NOT!

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