Crazy Pipe Dream: One in a Series

So, last week I'm looking at the registration form for an alumni conference at OU, and then I click into Outlook to check the conference dates against anything I may have going on in the office,* and since I just downloaded the Indians' 2008 schedule into my calendar, I see that the Tribe is in Cincinnati on the last day of the conference, finishing up a three-game Battle of Ohio.

Hmm. If I'm already in southern Ohio, why not detour over to Cincy, catch the game, and then head back to Cleveland?

This assumes, however, that I don't car pool to the conference, since it might be difficult to talk the rest of the group into this little side trip. This also assumes that I could find someone to go to the game with, although I'm not entirely averse to just getting a bleacher seat and going on my own.


Nerd Nite in NYC

Nerd Nite sounds like a lot of fun. Why isn't there something like this around here? Or is there, and I'm just not nerdy enough** to be invited?

* Yeah, right. Like that would ever happen.
** Yeah, right. Like
that would ever happen.

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