Making a Sing-by-Numbers Kit

I was listening to "We Built This City" the other day.* When it got to the part at the end with the radio DJ talking about the city by the bay, it made me think of "Kiss Kiss," a song by Chris Brown w/ T-Pain that also has a faux radio DJ talking over the last minute or so of the song. This made me curious about how many other songs use this approach. (I guess I was drawing a mental parallel to the subset of songs that use the false ending, à la the Contours in "Do You Love Me?")

A Google search on the topic was somewhat unfruitful. I didn't find exactly what I was looking for, but that may reflect my choice of search string and not the information available. I did, however, find a blog on the Guardian Unlimited where readers submit suggestions for songs on a specific topic. One of the recent posts was about
songs with numbers in their titles.

Since I've been looking for a new non-labor-intensive way of making some new playlists in iTunes — something that will jumble together styles and artists but doesn't require the use of the built-in shuffle features or the sweat of my brow — I decided to search my music for the numbers 1 to 10 and use the results to make ten new playlists.
I wasn't using my full library, just the library on my work computer, so I did okay for one, two, and three but struck out with the rest of the numbers.

I think one came out the best. (Click image to enlarge.)

I'll have to test this out on the full library at home at some point. Further bulletins as events warrant.

* Stop snickering. That song is awesome!

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  1. After I posted, it occurred to me to use color names and "night" and "day" to make additional playlists.

    I'm playing kind of fast and loose by allowing the number, color, or time to appear in the song title, artist name, or album title, but it's still fun.*

    * If you're a nerd, which I obviously am.