Annoyed to the Nth Degree

I'm ticked because . . .
  • I have a cold.
  • I had to come back early from my vacation to let the plumbers in my "clean" apartment.
  • I had to let them in my disaster area of a bedroom so they could get at the access panel in the closet.
  • I missed the deadline to post a new story on March Drunken Madness.
  • I'm really behind on my freelance project, which is due on Wednesday.
  • I have a ton of things to do for this alumni association event on Saturday.
  • I would much rather be home watching television.

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1 comment:

  1. Was wondering what had become of you. As you can see, I went with your winner from the first round. Get out the vote and perhaps you will be able to regale us with a new story.

    So this cold . . . you should drink lots of "clear" liquids . . . and orange juice . . . put them together . . . you'll feel better in no time.

    Hey and don't forget to register for MARAC. Need me to call and strong arm the nuns to pay for it?