Why Is It Not Friday Already?

All the RSS feeds on my Yahoo page are getting stale, but I still have five and a half hours to kill since the long weekend is certainly taking its sweet time about arriving. I could do some actual work, especially since I have two manuscripts to assess, but I'd much rather cruise Kotte.org* in search of something amusing.

I struck gold, not only with Dan's 20th Century Abandonware but also with Rent Vs. Buy: Myths That Ruined the Housing Market.

I especially like this one:

Myth #4: Buyers Have Assets, Renters Do Not

At best, buyers have depreciating assets. Home prices are falling in nearly every area of the country. An estimated 50 percent of the buyers whose loans were originated after 2002 now owe more than their homes are worth.

. . .

Renters may not co-own a home with a lender, but this doesn't mean that they don't have assets. Many renters have a large and prosperous portfolio, Star Wars collectibles (just an example) and other assets that can be sold IMMEDIATELY for cash. The reason they own these things is because they haven't been paying a lender to "rent" money so that they could pretend like they own an asset.

Star Wars collectibles, indeed.

Speaking of domiciles for rent: I cleaned my apartment** the other day, and now it doesn't even feel like my place anymore.

* Thanks to Brave Astronaut for mentioning this site a while back.

** I think we all know that by "cleaning" I mean "picked up all the clothes and shoes in the living room and dining room and threw them in the bedroom, then shut the door; picked up random other junk in the living room and dining room and threw it in a closet, then shut the door; carried all the dirty dishes to the kitchen and stacked them in the sink, then shut the door; piled up other random work- and arts & crafts-related items into unwieldy stacks on my desk and work table, then wished I had a second bedroom to put my desk and worktable in so I could shut the door."

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  1. you're welcome. And I posted your Easter story for Round 2. I subbed in a new one. You and I came in third. As of today, nobody is screaming "FIX" But then again we haven't won yet.