Three Months Ago in Netflix

I wrote this last November, but am finally posting it today. I didn't update it much, because I have other fish to fry.*

Friday 11-16-07

Mary Lu e-mailed me to say that she watched Half Nelson and totally gets the Ryan Gosling thing now.

My response: Half Nelson is in my Netflix queue! I should probably bump it up . . .

I was playing a never-ending movie trivia quiz on Facebook just now** and there was a pretty awesome photo of him that I thought about saving to use as desktop wallpaper. Let me scrounge around on ye olde interwebs for a moment and see if I can find it hiding up a tube somewhere.

[Play your own "on hold" muzak here.]

Here it is:

Commence drooling now . . .

OMG. I was scanning the results of my Google Image Search, and said OH MY! when I saw this:

Cathy's like, What's up?

I said, I think I just found a picture of a naked Ryan Gosling online, but I'm not sure.

She started laughing, and said, How can you not be sure that he's naked?

I'm like, Well, he's in the water, and it kind of hits him in a weird place, and ... you come look at it.

So she came around the other side of the cubicle divider and looked at the thumbnail. Her verdict: Well, maybe he just made a poor choice of swimwear.

I said, Well, I didn't want to click on it and find out. If there's other naked people on that site, I don't really need that in my browsing history.***

Since Cathy has no such compunctions, she clicked away.

Naked or not naked?
Once we saw the larger photo, we could see that her assumption was correct. She explained her reasoning thusly: I saw the white stuff [the drawstring on his swim trunks] but I was pretty sure it wasn't cum, so . . .

At any rate, that was a pretty fun five minutes there.

* I have seen Half Nelson since I wrote this, though, and . . . Wow. It was good, but hard to watch, because the character would make choices and I would just yell at the screen Nooo! Why are you doing this? That's not a good idea! Stop! So, it was a good thing I was watching it at home alone.

**No, the boss isn't here today [in November] . . . Why do you ask?

***Which I'm fairly certain the nuns don't track, because if they did they would block access to certain sites so Cathy & I wouldn't goof around so much. But you never can tell if they found someone more tech-savvy than themselves to keep an eye on things or not.

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