Post-Graduate Work

Now that Cathy's taking classes toward her MLS and another guy I know is living it up as a grad student in Athens, I, too, am feeling the urge to further my education.

Luckily, I can enroll at Colbert University.

Colbert University

Colbert University’s motto, Viscerum non librorum veritas, was developed in consultation with our Senior Latin Consultant, with careful attention to nominative vs. ablative case and other such niceties. He tells us it means “Truth [is a thing of] the gut, not [of] books," or "Truth comes from the gut, not from books,” and we believe him, because really, what choice do we have?

Our original version was "Truth is more purely apprehended through submission to the soul's blinding rage to feel than by crafty manipulation of a halved and yellow-coiled slow-seeping mass of copulating worms that only thinks" — but let's face it, that's a bit silly.

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