A Pale Imitation

Well, I skipped Pub Quiz yesterday.

Mike D told us last week that he wasn't going to be there this week, so we'd have to go to the east side to get our quiz on. Which I kind of wanted to do, but everybody else thought I was crazy. Plus, the weather was a little nuts yesterday and I wasn't feeling so hot.

Although the pub on the west side sent out an e-mail saying there would still be a quiz there, Mike D or no Mike D, some members of my team had already made alternate plans. So, I camped out on my couch and watched Jeopardy! It wasn't the same at all.

And after I had done a ton of online research to come up with some hi-larious team name options, too.

Swiped from the recaps at
Do Not Question Me

  • We're Doing This for High School Credit
  • Are You There, God? It's Me, Darwin
  • Revolting Geeks of Mass Proportions
  • The Wonder Triplets

Swiped from the recaps at Geeks Who Drink

  • Squirrels Gone Wild
  • President Moron
  • Moose in Heat
  • The Royal Wee
  • Cheese Factor
  • Truck-o-saurus
  • E=MC Hammer
  • Irish Pub Scouts
  • Rock Out with Your Ditka Out
  • Neo-Maxi Zoom Dweebies
  • What Was the Question?
  • Suck It, Trebek

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