Friday Timewaster: Where Do You Fit?

Test your News IQ
Today it's three for the price of one:

Three quizzes from the Pew Research Center that let you test your news IQ, determine your relationship to information and communication technology, and analyze your political typology.

I only missed one on the news quiz, and I learned that I am liberal (what a surprise!) and a technological omnivore (also not an earth-shattering revelation).

In other news:

I cannot believe the Cavs trade. Big Ben in the Wine & Gold? Whaa??

If Wally Szczerbiak can hit some 3s while Gibby* recovers from the ankle sprain, I may let myself forget that he went to Miami. . . .

Nah. I don't care if he is lights out, he's still a Redskin Redhawk.

* This is my personal nickname for him, because I can't make myself call him "Boobie."

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  1. I'm one step below you on the technology quiz--I was a Connector. I would agree with that. In general I'm a fan of technology, but I am still sometimes resentful of its constant intrusion into our lives (hello, people who answer cell phones in the movies).