Springtime for Quizzards

Oh, that Mike D. He's so clever! (And I'm not saying that just because some of his mother's friends sometimes read this blog.)

Fw: The miked Pub Quiz - Springtime for Quizzards

Greetings useless factoid aficionados!

After a wintry month off, the springtime pub quiz season is upon us!

Starting this coming Tuesday, January 8th, and continuing every Tuesday for 10 weeks,
The Claddagh Irish Pub located in Crocker Park will be hosting The miked Pub Quiz.

  • Signup starts at 6:00 pm every Tuesday.
  • No admission charge!
  • Prizes will be awarded throughout the event
  • The first-place teams from each week will win some sweet swag, and a raffle ticket (see below).
  • A very special shout-out to Bonjour Kitty for being our longest-running last-place team ever. A small tear of joy wells up in my eye.

Over the next ten weeks, all 16 Claddagh Irish Pubs across the Midwest will be holding their own Pub Quizzes every Tuesday. The first-place teams from each of those locations will win a raffle ticket towards a drawing at the end of the 10-week period.

Two tickets will be drawn out of those raffle tickets to win Roundtrip Airfare for Two to Ireland.

That's right, TWO grand prize winners! How exciting!

I look forward to grilling all of you again on some sweet trivia!

And, as always, questions, concerns, comments or latest diet fad, email me!


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So, you know what that means . . . the return of the weekly Pub Quiz recaps! Finally, a go-to topic for Wednesday mornings! (Or, conversely: Finally! A reason to not bother reading Wednesday's posts!)

Note to self: Must find a suitable note-taking medium for tomorrow night. Hmm . . . I do have a mini tape recorder knocking around my apartment somewhere.

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